Lubricants for Cold heading
Cold heading
Complete range of lubricants intended for the forming process: surface treatment before forming, wire-drawing soaps, oils for cold, hot and warm forming, thread rolling…


Cold heading is a forging procedure with deformation of the metal. The process is mainly employed for the manufacture of fastener parts in very large quantity. The process has multiple advantages (high speed, economy of material, improved material characteristics, surface condition) but it requires perfect mastery of the entire process. The high pressures exerted between the tool and the part require the use of high-performance lubricants to avoid premature wear and breakage of tools.

Associated services

Whether it is for making automotive parts or for construction, aeronautics or railways, CONDAT has the solution for your forming operations and can also recommend suitable equipment to:

  • Limit contamination of machines by the soaps: condabrush 
  • Optimise a range of lubricants: Blendmix
  • Perform analyses of your baths and monitor them
  • Provide innovative solutions for heat treatment


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